Off the buses! First Manchester axes service

FIRST Manchester is to withdraw its 24 service connecting Royton with Manchester and Rochdale.

And the company has announced timetable changes to other services, all taking effect from Monday, September 2.

Defending its decision to axe the 24 – which is a Monday to Friday peak only service – First Bus say an average of just 6.55 passengers board between Rochdale and Royton on the AM journeys.

Other changes see the 181 (Rochdale – Shaw – Royton – Manchester service) on Monday to Saturday day-time reduced from every 30 minutes to hourly.

The weekday peak service will still operate every 30 minutes.

Service 181 will combine with service 182 to provide a 20 minute off peak daytime service between Chadderton and Manchester.

The 182 (Rochdale – Shaw – Royton – Manchester) morning peak journeys which currently extend from Rochdale at 0526 and Milnrow at 0604, 0633, 0658 and 0723 will be revised and replaced by journeys (from Milnrow only) at 0559, 0623 and 0653.

The following Saturday early morning journeys will be revised:

• 0550 & 0650 Manchester – Shaw – replaced by one journey at 0620.
• 0551 Shaw – Manchester withdrawn. There are alternative journeys within 30 minutes.

The journeys at 0514 and 0550 were introduced in April 2018 as part of a trial to stimulate early morning usage. On average these journeys are only carrying five passengers per trip.

For the changes to services 181 and 182, there are alternative journeys on service 58 from Rochdale to Milnrow and Shaw at 0600 and 0700.

Metrolink also provides an option for passengers travelling between Manchester and Shaw.

8 Replies to “Off the buses! First Manchester axes service”

  1. It’s the worst service ever and working in central Manchester with buses not turning up is a nightmare and as for the numbers boarding them being 6.55 is an absolute nonsense
    You only need to look at how many people are standing up on them to know how packed they get
    If you can’t provide a decent service First Bus then sell to a company that can !

  2. We are encouraged to leave the car at home and use Public Transport – What a joke! Cutting the 24 Royton to Manchester, how are people supposed to get to work, Royton has no train or tram service to be an alternative mode of transport to work. ? The plan to build more houses in the area, will make a greater demand on the already full buses. GMT obviously don’t care about people’s plight to get into work on time!

    1. first bus services are never know when they are going to turn up.sometimes in convoys of three. the mayor of greater manchester should sort this mess out. timetable whats that.first bus do not know the meaning of this .get rid of them and get a bus company that has brains ,that gives a great bus service to everybody. i live in royton

  3. Good bye first bus….. Your lucky if the 181/182 turn up…… Stopped using them a while ago…. Unreliable…. Bring in an operator who actually send out buses and care about their business

    1. They have the monopoly with their so called public bus service😡 we need competition to make them sit up and listen to us . The tram should have been made to cover Royton and central Chadderton. No need for their disgusting so called services🤮 then.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous buses don’t turn up a majority of the time I can wait up to 40 mins in manchester to get home after doing a full days work I don’t want to be standing around. Was advised that we have the 83 and 409 but that’s not the point spend too much time waiting on buses at it is to have to get 2. If the service was reliable then maybe I would but it isn’t. There is no tram service for anyone in royton so we are limited. First bus is a terrible service n needs to go n a decent service put into its place. Not looking forward to the circus from the 2nd September when I go back to work!!!!!!

  5. Yes bus always late 10 mins promised now 35 mins no arrive oldham station bus wait for no arrive 3 bus same time why 10 mins pdiomsed why rules policy if back school normal busy after 2.30pm always 45 mins no arrive because late always to royton 409… I am unhappy with 409 is incorrect time table time rules over late 10 to 35 mins allowed 10 mins … soon back school busy busy and college .. you need extra staff more ….thanks

  6. That’s right it’s bad enough getting to town as it is from Royton and takes long enough if you miss one of the buses or when they are always late so let’s make it more inconvenient. Should have been able to put metro link in to service Royton as everywhere else has it. Oh and if they are cutting buses let’s get rid of the bus lanes on that route too all the way to town. Another reason that will make people drive well done.

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